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Helping our community

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As you may know, we have a long standing partnership with Food for Others. Food for Others has been serving Fairfax County and its surrounding areas since 1995 and we have been overjoyed to help them in their efforts of keeping our community fed. We have hosted many kids cooking classes with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Food for Others and every year at Thanksgiving, we also send them a portion of our sales from that day as well as run a food drive to help keep their shelves stocked.



I wanted to reach out to you with my next project for them. I would like to send Food for Others recipes to include in the food boxes that are distributed to their clients. These would be really easy recipes using some of the items that are regularly included in their weekly deliveries along with items that can be commonly  found on a pantry shelf. Here are a few ingredients to get started with:


  • Collard greens
  • Turnips
  • Bread
  • Canned black beans


Do you have any easy and tasty recipes you can share using the above items? Please post them here and help us help our community.


Until next time.