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The Ultimate Wedding Registry

Posted in Uncategorized on July 21, 2011 by eddieishaq

When registering for your wedding, don’t forget the PlayStation 3…
The final countdown begins to our General Manager’s wedding next weekend in Atlanta. It should be a fun weekend filled with a road trip with many pit stops for southern food (I will make sure to fill ya’ll in with my favorites), a bangin’ reception at the Fox Theater and a fun Sunday catching up with old friends. This wedding has been the talk of the restaurant lately and recently we were really caught up with his registry because they registered for a PlayStation 3! If you ask me, it’s great addition to the normal, everyday registry. But, for those of you who tend to think a little more traditional, here is a list of my “must have” tools for the kitchen and beyond:
For the Bar:
Cocktail shaker – I normally don’t drink anything too fruity, I am more of a Grey Goose straight up with a twist kind of guy.
12 red wineglasses
12 champagne flutes
12 martini glasses
12 pilsner glasses
Bar tool set
Wine fridge – because why not?
For the Kitchen:
Pepper mill
Cookware set – I would go with stainless-steel All Clad
Food processor – go for the 3 quart size, you won’t be sorry
Slow cooker
Stand mixer
Wood cutting board
Deep fryer – because everything is better when it is fried
Steak knives
Knife block – make sure you at least have a 9’ chef’s knife, a paring knife and a santoku (that is the knife with the dimples in the blade)
And finally, follow our General Managers advice, and register for a PlayStation 3.
Is there anything else you would add to this “must have” list?
Until next time, stay hungry my friends.