4th of July Plans = Barbecue

BBQ Ribs

What does everyone have planned to the 4th? I am going to see the Nat’s play on our nation’s birthday but planning on grilling after the game. The star of my bbq is probably going to be my favorite thing to smoke which are ribs and rib tips. Just love that juicy, smoky, bbq flavor from the cherry wood I use to smoke them.
I prefer baby back ribs, and I like to prep them with a dry rub. You can buy really great ones at the grocery store, but I have my own secret blend of spices for my dry rub. The key to great ribs is ‘low and slow’. Indirect heat and long cook time, about 2 and a half to three hours. The bbq sauce comes last. I brush it on in the last 20 minutes of cooking to get that nice caramelized effect. Again, I make my own bbq sauce from scratch, but really, Sweet Baby Ray’s is a great one to buy at the store.
That reminds me I have ribs in the smoker as we speak, so adios for now!

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